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Sponsor a Child for Treatment

Create a greater & positive impact in the lives of children by supporting their treatment. When you sponsor a child with Thalassemics India, we ensure that the most needy patients with thalassemia major receive the medical support which includes hospitalisation, iron chelation medicines, blood leucocyte filters, infusion pumps & lab investigations.

The cost of recommended treatment is Rs.1-2 lac per patient/per annum. The donor will receive the annual progress report of the sponsored child, our newsletter & tax benefits under section 80G. Donate any amount from Rs.2,000/- onwards by bank transfer/cheque/DD & through our payment gateway.

Donate Blood

Blood Donation is Safe. 


Make a difference in the life of thalassemics by donating blood. Patients with thalassemia need 1-3 units of blood every month throughout their life. 

To donate blood visit Indian Red Cross Society blood bank or any other blood bank near you. Delhi NCR alone faces a shortage of 100,000 units of blood per year.

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Become a Volunteer

Get involved & volunteer opportunities with us!


Thalassemics India is looking for volunteers to help in arranging blood donation camps, awareness talks & funds. If you wish to give your time as a volunteer.

Contact Thalassemics India


‎+91 74281 21747

Organise Blood Donation Camps

Help them to live!

As an estimate, 2000 patients with Thalassemia of Delhi NCR require 30-35,000 units of blood in a year. 

Organise blood donation camps in schools, colleges, corporates & at public places. For more information

Contact Thalassemics India


‎+91 74281 21747

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Conduct Awareness Talks

Help us in organising awareness talks! Thalassemia is a preventable blood disorder!!


India has the largest no. of children with Thalassemia major in the world- about 1-1.5 lakhs and almost 42 million carriers of B(beta) thalassemia trait who live a normal life but the marriage between the two silent carriers may result in their children having a serious disease.

Awareness through education & screening programs in the community could help in preventing the future birth of children with thal major. 

CSR Funds

Support Healthcare and Preventive Healthcare


Thalassemics India is eligible to receive funds under Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR). We are making efforts to improve the health of those under privileged children who otherwise are not in a position to afford the high cost of their treatment. 

We are  also engaged in other CSR activities under ‘’Preventive Health Care’’. Donate funds & make a positive impact on the life of disadvantaged children of  society so that they can live a productive life.

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